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Illuminated Soul Weekend


Paducah, KY
April 18-20 2024

I’m often asked this question about Illuminated Soul Weekends: “Do I have to be dealing with depression or anxiety to go?” My answer is absolutely not. Basically, if you have thoughts and emotions…you’ll love this weekend because we all can relate to the kind of moments Jeremiah wrote about in Lamentations 3:17 – “My soul has been rejected from peace; I have forgotten happiness.”

So, these are weekends of AWARENESS. Increasing our awareness and understanding about negative thoughts and emotions, what they really are, what’s going on in our spirits, souls and bodies and how we can have healthy responses. We’ll address topics that include: being emotionally overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, obsessive overthinking and persistent dark moods that we all can encounter in some way, shape or form.

There will also be times of teaching, reflection, worship, and breakout sessions as we invite God to illuminate our darkness and help us live with excellence of soul!


“LORD, you light my lamp; my God illuminates my darkness.” – Psalm 18:28


What others are saying ~ 

"Wow! This weekend has brought me so much clarity! I am so glad that I now have some practical tools to help me as I continue in the process of renewing my mind with the Holy Spirit! I've struggled with some anxiety and feeling like I had to be perfect. And I have tried to rush the process of healing. Now I'm not afraid of the anxiety and know that I don't have to be perfect. And I'm trusting God to reveal to me what needs to be revealed and healed when it needs to! There were so many other revelations I had, but those were the big ones! I am so thankful for this weekend and all it's taught me!!!"  — Joanna

"I was going to pour a glass of wine around 3pm. I had the cork screw on the bottle. I was thinking why do I want to do this. Then my inner voice said… I don’t want to do this. I walked away and felt grief. I allowed myself to feel it. Then I recognized I was sad about a certain thing. I sat down, I did my breathing, and I said to myself, it’s ok to be sad about that. Then I did some stretches and moved around. And it passed. Just like that. I didn’t drown in it. I didn’t loose my ability to regulate. I wanted to share this because this hasn’t happened in a long time, allowing myself to feel and let it pass… the grief. I have felt so powerless. But today I felt like I had a little power.♥️ I believe that powerlessness really lost its hold. I feel like my hope has been a weak ember, with only small gusts of wind here and there barely keeping it warm. But today I felt like it was strengthened, maybe even had some kindling thrown in." - Anonymous


"It has taken me a week to even begin articulating what I experienced! Being able to reframe old tools with a heavenly perspective was the renewal I needed. Major Depressive Disorder was the diagnosis I got as a junior in college, but it is thought that it all started at puberty when hormonal changes messed with the chemicals in my brain. I have relearned how to live many times over the years as the manifestations of depression and anxiety like to mutate. The latest mutation has lasted 7 years, stealing my voice as a writer and voice actor.  However, I am pursuing a mind, body, and spiritual reboot. Illuminated Soul was a sorely needed encounter with God and myself. This team poured out such wisdom and grace, speaking plainly of personal struggles. In that outpouring, I found  a place to realistically assess my own struggle. Such vulnerability gave permission to stop white knuckling a hold on expected normalcy and rest in my own vulnerability to heal. Such a powerful ministry! I want all my loved ones with or without mental health issues to experience it! Again, thank you for sharing your journey and helping others on theirs!"


"Thank you for your continued help to provide the insight and tools to help me live in the moment and process my emotions effectively. Coming from a man who’s seen a variety of counselors/therapists/coaches; your help has been truly invaluable... Thank you for getting me closer."



Disclosure: Illuminated Soul materials and teachings are not a replacement for professional counseling, therapy, and/or psychiatric care.

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